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More Than A Feeling
'Climax' shirt too sexy for school

MINNESOTA: No happy ending for T-shirt dispute
Associated Press

CLIMAX, Minn. — It may be the town's slogan, but it doesn't meet the approval of the superintendent who has placed a school ban on the centennial T-shirts that read: "Climax — More than just a feeling."

About a dozen students wore the Climax T-shirts to school this week in protest, and one girl was sent home Wednesday for refusing to turn her shirt inside out.

Shirley Moberg, superintendent of Climax-Shelly schools, said the slogan's sexual innuendo made it inappropriate for students to wear.

School officials had "turned a blind eye" to students wearing the shirts until recently, when a teacher wore it to school and a person complained. The shirts are no longer allowed to be worn at school, she said.

Climax, a town of roughly 270 near the North Dakota border, adopted the "More than a feeling" slogan in 1996 for its centennial. The slogan was used in advertising and promotions, and the T-shirts have been around for years.

Climax-Shelly junior Ali Tweten said the shirts have been allowed in the past, and the ban seemed to come out of nowhere.

"When I wear my T-shirt, it's a sign of pride for my town," Tweten said. "I don't really wear it to be meant in that way (as a sexual innuendo)."

The superintendent said the school dress code prohibits clothing or jewelry with objectionable signs, words, objects, badges, symbols or pictures communicating a message that is racist or sexist.

Administrators have the authority to judge if students violate the code and ask them to modify their clothing, Moberg said. Students who refuse can be sent home and their parents notified.

The students who wore the shirt to school Wednesday were told to go to the bathroom and turn it inside out.

All did, except 18-year-old Bethany Grove, a senior, who was suspended for the afternoon.

"The T-shirt has been a tradition," Grove said. "It's been around for almost 10 years. A lot of people have them." Climax, after all, is the town's name, she said.

About 40 miles south of East Grand Forks, the town of Climax was named after a chewing tobacco company.

As part of its centennial celebration, a contest was held to pick a town slogan. Some of the other entries included: "No End to Climax," "Cling to the Culmination: Climax Forever" and "Bring a Friend to Climax."

Showing pride in one's city can get you suspended? Apparently it's ok for adults to show pride in their city by wearing these shirts anywhere the damn well please, but children who may not have anything but purely supportive and prideful intentions are punished? Good grief. Adults need to grow up sometimes.
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